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For a long time, High-End Designer Furniture was exclusively for those with deep pockets. Uniqat was created to solve this issue. We think that everyone has the right to have an amazing piece of quality furniture within their reach. We achieve this a different way from a traditional retail chain; Manufacturer - Middleman - Buyer, by cutting out any middleman to bring the quality straight to you.

Our production facilities & experienced design team are located in the heart of Europe, in fairy tales Adriatic countries, while the business aspect of the company is located in the US (Nashville) and the UK (London).

Our vision was recognized by the Entrepreneur Center from Nashville and we have been inducted into the 2020 InFlight a year-long accelerator program. Uniqat is a proud Nashville resident since we believe it is currently the best place to grow a business in America.

Our products are not just ascetically pleasing, they are also made out of the highest quality materials, with the aim to last. We use wood from our plantations to ensure sustainability, commercial-grade fabrics and high-quality steel engineered especially for high usage environments.

Environmental sustainability is very important to us, after you become the owner of Uniqat piece of furniture you have the opportunity to become the owner of a tree that we will plant for you and thus give back to nature what she gave to us to create Uniqat products.

We believe the future is eco-friendly and sustainable furniture, and we at Uniqat are proud to be one of the pioneers of that paradigm in the furniture production chain.

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Uniqat controls entire value chain from design, technology, manufacturing, delivery & installation, resulting in a seamless customer experience.
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